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Is the edge banding used on Marsh Cabinetry wood veneer?

No it is a plastic PVC.

Do we supply overlay doors for built in refrigerators and dishwashers?

Yes we do but with the variations between suppliers and models we may not find standard doors for a perfect size match.



Can I paint my Marsh cabinets?

Yes but you should consult your local paint store for the correct paint.

How do I clean my cabinets?

Please review Cabinet Care instructions.



Can I get replacement hinges for a 10 year old cabinet?

Several of the manufactures that have supplied our hinges over the years do have a limited lifetime warranty on their product. Please try to locate the name or logo on the hinge and send us the information.

Can I get parts for an old Marsh cabinet built before 1950?

We do not have replacement parts. We may possibly be able to provide a photo copy of the original literature if we had a case # that can be found on the back of the cabinet.



How much wall space is required for a CWC 272730?

27” on each wall. The door size is the same as CWC242430.

Can a standard oven and microwave be installed in a standard OC cabinet?

We do not offer a combination oven/microwave cabinet. Our standard cabinet can be adapted if the opening sizes required are not too large. This is not always possible. There is a custom modification solid front available that can be used.

Can I use a current base and/or wall cabinets with my older cabinets?

Within the last year we have finalized a conversion of our base cabinet construction to a standard 34 1/2” height from 35”. Our overall wall cabinet sizing has remained the same however we have made changes in our door sizing.

Can I convert a BSB to a PB cabinet?

Yes. You would need to order a supply part drawer box (no front) and a complete set of drawer guides.

How many roll out trays can I fit on the Quick Tray strips?

The Quick Tray strips are 20” and the RT box is 2 ½” in height. You will need to allow additional space for the items you plan to store in the pull out trays.

Can an EZCB be changed on the jobsite to a LSCB or vise versa?

Both can but it is a job for an experienced installer.

Why does the Marsh LSCB 3636 and the EZCB 3636 measure 34 5/8″?

The cabinet is constructed with the dimension of 34 5/8″ in order to fit through standard door ways into the room where they are to be installed. Therefore, the cabinet needs to be pulled from the wall to achieve the 36″ dimension and the design should be for a 36″ cabinet, not the nominal dimension of 34 5/8 as specified.